Use of Demand Side Response for flexibility

Demand Side Response as a source for Flexibility


Pöyry assisted Elering in defining a strategy for the use of Demand Side Response in the power market until 2030.

Pöyry Management Consulting and PPA Energy were commissioned to support Elering and other major stakeholders develop a DSR strategy for Estonia. This involved understanding the role and value that demand-side response (DSR) could have in the Estonian system from now until 2030.  There were five main areas of investigation:

  • defining specific value drivers for DSR through discussion with Estonian market stakeholders;
  • reviewing international DSR experience that is relevant to Estonia;
  • identifying the best-fit options for DSR in Estonia based on the specific value drivers;
  • quantitative analysis of the best-fit options for DSR in Estonia at national and local grid level; and
  • recommendations for the medium- and long-term development of DSR in Estonia.

The outcome of the project was to provide a view of the preferred DSR options for Estonia and a high level understanding of their potential economic benefits.  The recommendations also included an understanding of the market and regulatory changes which will need to be implemented in order to deliver the recommended options.

Public report